Triloby'te Bits

by Little King Trash Mouth

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(did you know there's probably gonna be another one of these vis a vis some sort of sick obsessive completist compulsion of mine?)



many of the songs had slightly edited lyrics just like before and

"Airplane", "I've Been Trading Secret Files", "You Bore Me Too Much", and "Soup & Spaghetti"

were all at least in part musically composed at an earlier date than recording.

Mankey Tapioca directly quotes the Saetia song "Some Natures Catch No Plagues"

This is dedicated to all those that continue to set the fires in the places that can start to feel pretty cold. That's all, see ya' l8r bbs


released February 25, 2017

Played all the shit as usual

album cover taken by Suna in Deerfield Beach, FL



all rights reserved


Little King Trash Mouth New York, New York

Hi, I'm Little King Trash Mouth. I play ridiculous songs on guitar and other instruments. I've had more monikers than you can imagine. I'm the world's goshdarned cutest firebomb.

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Track Name: The First Song
One can only wonder
What the first song was like
Did it have a sound? Did it have a genre?
Did it reference Tijuana?
Was the first song good or was it shit?
It's hard to imagine it being huge without a chart to hit...
Track Name: Oh No, No
I woke up late again today
I haven't got all day
I can't find my shoes, on no
Well, fuck it anyway

Oh no no
Oh no no no no no (no no)
Oh no no (no no no)

My train broke down again
I'm in nowhere, shit!
the latest crap pop single
Is a goddamn motherfucking hit!

Oh no no (no no no)
Oh no no no (no no no)
No no no no (no no no)
Oh no. no. no. no. no.
Track Name: Drop
There is nothing good to look forward to
Tumors of existence growing larger with age
The human being-cliff fall off
Drop like a pond stone into winter months

There is nothing good to look forward to
Tumors of existence growing larger with age

Black head and missing eyes I was at the ocean bottom then the ocean dried (3x)

40 miles off into stomping feet
20 years pounding out a system (2x)

It goes on 'till a time "never"
What is muscle below skin but a practicing sever?
Track Name: Terms Of Endangerment
Everything must come to pass
What is lost is broken glass
If one should dwell too much on the past
Don't be surprised if you draw blood

Insects and moths release
You have such frivolous beliefs
Rapture, follow, feeling, fall, and freedom

All is standard all is all
Positivity is fleeting as in the poor
Come back down to Earth
Home sweet home - kiss the floor

It's fine my head is in space no more
Everything will die one day
Even rubber soles must meet their end

Na nana nan nana na na etc.
Track Name: Airplane
What's the sound of an airplane crash when it's filled with expectant mothers?

Is it real insanity or just the result of head injury?

Know you must earn privilege of reason, chew the cancer of ignorance 'till the whole thing falls off.

I haven't learned a single thing
From the vomit crap
That they pass off as fact
What is a mind worm?
But fatal to the muscle that it's digging through

Turn it off, tear it out, turn it off and tear it out
Turn it off tear, tear it out, turn it off.

Hold my hand 'till it goes limp upon release.

Devotion to a fake world, which I still fear so much.

I've just become a stilted soup ladle - deal a coup - crash my fucking airplane.

Burn it all - ground around it's land.
The pressure on my head - malignant piecemeal stroke
Snorting up a diet coke - toss off all exploding duds.
Pull the quarter out of the path of the sun.

Turn it off, tear it out, turn it off and tear it out (etc)
Track Name: Shore Thing
My footprints lead to nowhere
They're swallowed up in the swell
And in my nostrils - low-tide smell

I stroll on - on to nothing
And the sea an awful scene

How can I - oh how can I do it?
Lose myself on a straight path?
Am I zoned out on oceanic wrath?
Track Name: Baristas Serve Coffee
Language tangle
5 teaspoons bleeding
Foreign sounding words
Create misinterpretations
Burn your dictionary so you can join the elite
Who find beauty in
Vowels being set to flame

Big cat is still alone
Just two three letter words
Track Name: No One Wants To Hear A Teenager's Lyrics
No one wants to hear a teenager's lyrics
It comes with the territory
If you're 16
Don't write another line
No one wants to hear
A teenager's whine

Shut up

And it's a shame
'Cuz I take the time
Do not listen
Do no listen to me whine
Oh boo hoo.
Track Name: Mankey Tapioca
There is no happy here
There is no fucking happy here
I'm just miserable
And I'll take the others with me.
Track Name: Born Under The Sign Of George Foreman
Hey there, I'm here to sell you some high quality grills. Don't buy one? now listen son, I'll punch yr' fucking lights out.

(George mother-'effin Foreman)
Track Name: Human Trampoline
My house gets really empty
And my couch yields such appeal
Need a girlfriend or a kitty
To keep me sweet company

Bounce up and down
Then into the oven
We burn up an old tepid world

Human trampoline in my backyard
He grins when I look at him
Me and my kitty go up down
The neighbors look at me weird

My kitty left me
And then she came back
With a hot girlfriend
Who just left me cold.
Track Name: I'll Put Off (Wait)
My time has gone behind my back
While I was not looking
I'm sick of my waiting, I'll do it right now

But wait - there's something over there
There's something coming to me...

What the hell is being "an adult???"
Never needing management, oh no.
In time things seem to happen on their own
But I hate these hands on the clock

If I had no time, I'd do nothing at all (2x)
Track Name: Going To New Jersey
I love you deeply - I want to see
How you'd fare in New Jersey
Where the sky is greener
And the grass is only in the air
Gone are goodness - nice and clean
In comes pollution, filth, and bad dreams

We are going to New Jersey
Crack our lungs in the biting air
Another sketchy-ass state fair
We are going to New Jersey
We are going to the shores of South Jersey
Braindead fucking guidos shooting shit down on the pier

Ugly people and ugly minds
I think I'll cut the ties that bind
Smog so thick - cut with a knife
This is not my kind of life
They say if you live in Jersey, you can live anywhere
But that's not the kind of philosophy I like

We are going to New Jersey
Crack our lungs in the biting air
Another sketchy-ass state fair
We are going to New Jersey
We are going to the shores of Jersey
Braindead fucking guidos shooting shit down on the pier
Take a swim, scrape off the slime, another shit life.
Track Name: Black & Bloo
I'm black and blue
With a bloody nose
There's bruises on my back
And it's all your fault
Now I'm bed ridden
With muscles all sore
I've got polyps in my throat
And imaginary pain in my pores
Because of you
I'm black and bloo
Track Name: Carrolateral
Stayin' up at night
I'm doin' my homework
Leave me alone man
Leave me alone
Stay away from hell, dude
Don't say that word

I fucked up my work
Did it way too late
Now I'm pissed
“What was I thinking man?”
“What did I think?”

Never say the “H” word
Don't say it aloud dude
Too much HW
Late at night
Spanked by satan
In 5th period math

Don't say hell
It's not a nice word
“But it's where I am”
Oh never mind that
Just keeping working

You son of a fuck
Doing my homework
Way too late
Make it stop make it stop
Track Name: Laissez Faire
Kindle, Prindle
Let out a sigh
Tounge is cut think I know why
Kindle, Prindle
Bluff at sea
She won't ever let it be
Track Name: Cow Jingle
They kept the cows inside the fence
Kept them all denoted with a small bell around their neck
Their owners keep them all secure
Held up - so they draw a steady profit
There is feeding time, and milking time, and feeding time
And all the time cows are chewing cud

But they don't know
That they're owned
They don't even what property is
They must be transgressives

(Cow jingle!!!!)

They've got a cow named Shannon
He wears a hat and moos the loudest
And no one will coop him for the beef
And no one will coop him for the milk
And no one will coop for a power trip
He rules the fields and farmers too
And around his thick neck he has a bell

And it makes noise when he walks by
It's his way of saying; "Yeah, I'm the shit."
And he's got a bell and jingles
Bother farmers with the noise

(Cow jingle!!!!!)

Cow jingle! It's his way of saying; "I'm the shit!"
He's the only one who's free!
Track Name: Chimney Rap
I'm Santa motherfucker
And the bitches give me the presents
I make the naughty
I make the nice
And it's gon' be me who gonna judge that
And it's the elves who gon' decide what's
Gonna be under the tree when the fuckin' day comes
I'm Santa motherfucker
Track Name: Shells (The Pasta)
Everything to be said has been writ, or spoke, or something of the sort
Everything that I've made has been done in a whole lot better way
Grown up ignorant, a false twinkle in my eye
I fancied all as pi in the sky
But 12 Grapes couldn't get me anything at all
Track Name: Pathetic, Defeated, Puppy Dog Look
I don't even mean
Or at least not anymore

Put on my most defeated face
This is fucking out of passion

A steam death full of
Deadened hot air
How far down can my eyes sink
Before they roll backwards into my head?

(Into my-my head into bababa etc.)
Track Name: I've Been Trading Secret Files
I am the boy who is the government's pet
I've been so good now I'm every politician's friend
At my good behavior rate I'll be in the white house soon
But not all that I did is seen by all
Until I get my blog up once more
And everybody loves when I post the info
That everybody feels but have no proof to speak

And no one suspects that the bridge troll is me
And I've been trading secret files
As a catalyst for conspiracy
And I've been trading secret files
As a catalyst for controversy

And I'm at the library of congress
In the section that needs a key
Murky, dark, and it smells of caviar, cologne, and musky feet
Something here strikes a nerve
And I'll go follow the path - a great curve
Towards where liberal hearts go squeamish
And conservative hearts chew on tongues and fry

And not one person suspects
That I make the lawless
And not one person suspects
That it's me that's making the lawless rounds

And no one suspects that that bridge troll is me
And I've been trading secret files
And giving light to what you can't see
And I've been trading secret files
As a catalyst for conspiracy
And I've been trading secret files
As a catalyst for controversy

Undermine it, undermine it from the inside!
ow do bad shit but they never get the proof that they *quite
I've been trading secret files
To expose the history of the GVT and the DNC and the RNC and ... all the other shit ... all the other acronyms. That people kn* need.
Track Name: Grab
Put my blood filled needle
Into the mouth of an unsure thing
But there is a tiny chance
It will come back as 15 fold
Get fat, get fiscal minded, and old

This is a made up consequence
When one grabs too much
It's just a seam in my dream
That tears to gold and silver coins

This is a made up consequence
When one grabs too much
Criminals of an Armani taste
Gun brushing the teeth in my dreams
Molotov apartment suite
48 flights - a beautiful sight
Orange, white, red, burnt rolex
He's dying - alright!
It's just a seam in my dream
That tears to gold and silver coins
Track Name: All Clarinet Players Are Girls
You know why all clarinet players are girls???

If so, please tell it to me
I don't know (3x)
Wish I knew why all clarinet players are girls.
Track Name: I'm On TV!!!
I feel so famous
Up on that screen
I'm on TV!
My smiling face
Fills up that HD
I'm on TV!
I'm rotting your soul
And corroding this culture
I'm on TV!
You love it
And you love me
I'm on, I'm on TV.
Track Name: Crushing
All my sense go disconnect
Frayed wires folly fully
Listen to silence and scream - yeah
That's just the way it is
Put up transparent barbed wire fence
And be assured there's no true romance

Two-ton feeling
Crushing crushing crushing
Gravity and 4k
Keeps me down, down, down
Crushing! I'm crushed under a two-ton feeling
Upward, plastered messy to the ceiling

Desensitized by far
Anesthetic through exposure
Feel all caught out and scream - "I was just crushed now look at me!"
Put me up! I'm rotted through
And in love but no one ever knew

Headaches are breaks underneath my head
My skull is finally gone
And out of repair
But there is a little bit of brain left
But that same brain is telling me that
"I just don't think I care".
Track Name: There's A Crink In Yr' Logic / Waiting For The Butter In The Microwave To Melt
I'm sure that you didn't notice
But the date you checked was incorrect
I know now that you don't know
The name you dropped did not pertain to our talk
Now I know that you're just ignorant

Waiting for the butter in the microwave to heat
Waiting for the butter in the microwave to melt
Track Name: Swan Terrace
You're not going anywhere
Just stuck there were you are
Blocked off at the clearing
It's a dead end place in a dead end city
You're not going anywhere
Nothing to find, nothing will fare
We're going out of the way
Not much to see, nothing to say
Track Name: You Bore Me Too Much
You bore me too much with the things you do
Bore me too much your girlfriend bores me too
Sick of your clothes and incense too
Sorry to say darling but we are through

You weren't like this when we first met
You were all neat, interesting, and yet
Now I get what you are for
Around me still to make me bore

You bore me too much with the things you do
Saying I do well I know that's true
Waking up on the wrong side of the bed
Never listening to what I said
Track Name: Soup & Spaghetti
You kill me all the time with your plates, and bowls, and frying pans
Trip me up with expert placement - napkins feeding on the house pet

And I should really die soon

Doing time for overcooked
Temperature I overlooked

Die soon, soon enough


Hate that face - killing in the eyes
Chewing tape reels & half baked flies
I need a better dish than what I have here
To combat my ever growing fears

Gimme soup & spaghetti
Or I'll die soon enough
Gimme soup & spaghetti
Track Name: Slash Up Yr' Amp
Broad edge knife
To the front of the trans amp
Cut it like a fucking wrist
With a pent up rage

Just start stabbin' it like a motherfucker
Stabbin' it stabbin' it stabbin' it stabbin' it
Just start stabbin' it stabbin' it bladebahdebah etc

Get a messy tone
Feed yourself back feedback
I broke my amp
And made it better
Slash up that amp

Just start stabbin' it like a motherfucker
Stabbin' it stabbin' it stabbin' it stabbin' it
stabbin' it stabbin' it bladebahdebah yab blah bahbdbh etc
Track Name: Stem Cover
Why do you invade my dreams?
Tear at the sides rip at the seams
Crass so in your presence
Has your subconscious mind met mind in sleep
Gorgeousness torn - so fuck my belief
Bosom, flaccid, tent born sleeping
Is she real anymore or only fragments
Of a months worn - swollen & sore?
Understanding, yes, I build it myself

Secretions don't hold when it's gilded gold
Cast in thoughts of my own device
She's not as she seems and I'm fooled again
Yet she keeps me smiling on the 14 & the 10
How realistically that she folds
Up & down & sideways
On top of a dress - stomach caress
Shoulders breach, arms do reach
Onto anywhere that fingers can grasp

Ms. minutest shadow - keep me warm
Cuz I feel bruised and my tent is worn
I'll hold this fantasy until I can
Pluck up the gall and melt into your embrace again
Track Name: Wire Cutter
What is the feeling of power cresting on the wake?
What is a look that says depression’s through?
Where do the legs end? Where does the stomach begin?
How does free will go when we all claim autonomy?

I’m still a victim of small pox on the brain
That must be why I’m called spotty
Just a stupid middle class kid
In envy, in lust, in utero, in hate
And the wires are still crossed to this day

Goals and I we still have issues
‘Cause I feel them prodding at my back
“Come on faggot, jump off of that cliff,
Little teenage, fatalist, poser prick.”
(you put the red into the … oh no, that’s not right…)

You haven’t got the guts to go
Wire cutter, whatever, this isn’t your show
Just in empty defiance of what I can’t see
Starting to hate gods but nature will accept me
(if you cross these two…no wait, if you cut that one…then … oh jeez that’s not right … it’s confusing … uh … this is really trying me pretty hard)

What is a scream when it’s muffled with strychnine
What is the sound of a suicide?
What are bloody wrists when we all rock the long sleeves?
Were the wires precut or did just erode away?

Heart filled with a patronizing anguish that
I won’t deny for any damn reason
Sure there must be more suffering I know
But I’m sometimes surprised more people don’t wanna die
Track Name: I Will Wait
The mist is thick it's been for days now
Spindle thin, my patience should wear

But everyday I clean the house & hope so strong for your return
I've had no love since - my heart is torn apart
Though I'm broke at you arriving late
Don't you worry your head about it

I will wait as long as it takes
I could call but leave no message on your phone
The air is light and crystal clear let's spin the message 'cross the air
And pick it up to keep up to date on why you are so late
But the last call I made was sent to a phone that was only a meter away from here

Meaning well has no meaning at all
I hang up to run my hands across your waist
I will wait as long as it takes
Just don't take too long
I'm patient but not that far